SIMEI starring in “Best in Lombardy” with Gambero Rosso

The focus for the third edition of “The Best in Lombardy", the event recently organised by Gambero Rosso together with the Lombardy Region was the promotion of technology for the agricultural, agri-food and catering chain.

The conference "TECH & STARTUP. FOOD, WINE AND HOSPITALITY. A “discussion among producers of excellence" involved leading representatives in the field of technology together with the key players in the agri-food sector in a constructive dialogue about the technical and practical needs to achieve greater synergy between the two sectors. SIMEI played an active part in drawing up the programme and the conference was an opportunity to further the dialogue between technology and production companies in order to facilitate dissemination and create the basis for further working relationships.

"The enthusiasm we saw in the organisation of the third edition of The Best in Lombardy - said Paolo Cuccia, president of Gambero Rosso - was overwhelming. Such moments of discussion are fundamental for the agri-food sector. I thank the Lombardy Region, which like us keenly supported this conference focused on technology and start-ups, and all the speakers who took part."

Fabio Rolfi, Councillor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems of the Lombardy Region was also satisfied. He stressed the importance of the relationship between the agri-food sector and technological innovation: "an essential combination for the Italian economy of the future, both in terms of companies’ profitability and environmental sustainability. Alongside this alliance, we need an effective and evocative story, with local ambassadors who know how to promote and talk about our excellent products. This is the basis of the increasingly close partnership between the Lombardy Region and Gambero Rosso, aimed at promoting a sector that drives both economic values and quality".

What is fundamental in all this, also on account of the positive economic implications, is the leading role played by the Italian manufacturers of wine technology, as Marzio Dal Cin, president of A.N.FOR.MA.P.E., the association representing wine machinery and products suppliers within the Unione Italiana Vini, remarked. "Wine is not a natural product in itself, because in addition to the initial raw material (grapes), it needs the work of man in the cellar with the help of appropriate technology. Italy is the absolute and undisputed leader worldwide in this regard. There is no winery, in any country, that does not have at least one piece of equipment, one machine or some product of Italian origin. A technological compendium – Dal Cin continued – that it will be possible to admire at SIMEI".

The video of the entire conference is available here.