Where is precision viticulture at?

Congress organised by DiSAA Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Milan

Developed in the cereal fields in the Anglo-Saxon world, precision agriculture quickly aroused the interest of operators in the Italian wine sector. The economic strength of the sector, its technical preparation and propensity for innovation immediately led to numerous research projects on the application of precision approaches to monitoring and managing the vineyard.

Parallel to these projects, small and medium-sized companies have developed offering services and specialised innovative technologies, with talk about precision viticulture in Italy for over a decade now.

But where is precision viticulture at? What are the systems and technologies available on the national and international markets? What are the main directions of research?

In an open meeting among companies, technicians and researchers, we try to draw an overall picture, emphasising the main needs of the wineries to which precision viticulture can give answers both today and in the immediate future.