Shared Review Project among Cork Stoppers Control Methods Laboratories (#ShareCheckCork)

Congress organised by Federlegnoarredo and Assoimballaggi



Lambri Milena - Head of Oenology - DiSTAS - Department of food sciences and technologies for a sustainable agro-food supply chain - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Alessandro Canepari  - Representative of the Cork Group Assoimballaggi


The controls on cork stoppers, managed today using ISO standards, CieLiège guidelines, Specifications, internal methods validated by individual laboratories, often produce results that are not unique and difficult to interpret by customers, both cellars and bottlers, and cork producers.

This creates confusion, work and financial burdens and image loss.

The goal is, therefore, to review each methodology thoroughly and redefine procedures, the reporting of results and relative communication to the customer, in a shared and uniform manner among all the laboratories that take part in this initiative.