Let's start from the roots: origin, characteristics and interest in the genetic improvement of rootstock

Conference organised by Assoenologi

Speaker Prof. Attilio Scienza - Professor of Viticulture at theUniversity of Milan

New prospects in the genetic improvement of rootstocks.

The theme of the conference is the new perspectives in the genetic improvement of rootstocks, considered not only in terms of their resistance to phylloxera or active limestone, but also their ability to modulate the interactive relationship of vines with the various cultivation environments.

Prof. Science will illustrate how the increasing incidence of health emergencies caused by nematode vectors of viruses and parasites or root rot and the consequences of climate change on the availability of water and the spreading of the phenomena of salinity of soils in the Old and New World highlight the substantial inadequacy of traditional rootstocks to solve these emergencies and consequently impose the creation of new genotypes with new characteristics of resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.