Grapevine trunk disease - a research project by Unione Italiana Vini

Grapevine trunk diseases, and in particular Mal dell'Esca, represent the most destructive category of vine diseases and are constantly growing in all the main wine-producing countries.

The Unione Italiana Vini's project aims to assess the presence of Mal dell’Esca through the creation of a monitoring network in the main Italian wine-growing regions. 

At the same time, there is the proposal to carry out a further investigation on cultural and environmental aspects linked to the development of the disease. The project is carried out in collaboration with DAGRI, University of Florence and IBE, CNR, Bologna.

 During the conference, Prof. Laura Mugnai, scientific representative of the Department of Agriculture,  of Plant Pathology and Entomology of the University of Florence,  Stefano Di Marco, scientific representative of the Institute for Bioeconomics - CNR, Bologna and  Giovanni Rizzotti, Unione Italiana Vini, will be presenting the first results of the 2019 research and the actions planned for the coming years.