Enoforum, innovation and excellence

At SIMEI 2019 the best content from ENOFORUM will be presented in a specific session

The Enoforum congress takes place in Italy every two years, in Spain and Portugal in alternate years.
Altogether, there are hundreds of reports on the latest scientific and technical innovations in the wine sector that are presented to approximately 2000 European experts in every two-year period.
The research projects presented at ENOFORUM, pre-selected by an international Scientific Committee, are evaluated by a vast panel of experts from the sector as to their usefulness in the daily work of production. The best projects receive the ASSOENOLOGI Giuseppe Versini Award, reserved for Italian authors, and the OENOPPIA Prize, open to researchers all over the world.
The ENOFORUM session at SIMEI will be presenting a summary of the best reports evaluated by the experts, hence, the most applicable scientific findings and the technological innovations of greater impact in production.

SIVE is a non-profit organisation that offers quality opportunities for training and professional updating and promotes scientific research in the field of wine, through the organisation of high level courses, trips and technical meetings.
The Association has a national secretariat that coordinates SIVE’s activities, providing logistical support and international contacts. The Secretariat is currently run by VINIDEA s.r.l.
SIVE’s aims
- To offer professional quality training opportunities, with a global and international vision of technical developments.
- To serve as the interface between the world of wine making and wine research.
- To promote scientific research in the field of wine and in general the growth of the Italian wine industry and the consumption of quality wine.
SIVE’s activities
- It organises technical meetings in various Italian regions with contributions by foreign and/or Italian specialist researchers;
- It organises study tours abroad to discover the techniques applied in other wine-producing areas;
-It organises courses in cooperation with major research centres all over the world.