Dress extra virgin olive oils to be successful on the market

The Italy/Spain comparison on packaging and the visual design of olive oils

Quality cannot refer to the oil alone, it must also concern the appearance, meaning the containers and content shown on shelves in shops and tables in restaurants and consumers’ homes. To be excellent in all respects, an oil must also express its quality through the beauty and functionality of its container, as well as through the body, material, stylistic finesse and good performance of its label. Last but not least, it must also consider the caps, the pourers and the packing itself for the oil’s journey. So, after the long, hard work concerning the goodness and the peculiarities of the content, now the attention is focused on the quality of functionality and aesthetic and emotional representation of containers and packaging.

An initiative by the magazines Olio Officina and Mercacei for SIMEI 2019

Luigi Caricato, writer and journalist, is the creator of the cultural project known as Olio Officina. Lecturer and speaker at important conferences and international congresses, he is the creator and, since 2012, has been the director, of the world’s largest and most authoritative event dedicated to condiments: the Olio Officina Festival. He has published many books, including L’incanto dell’olio italiano [The enchantment of Italian oil] (Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2001), Oli d’Italia [Oils of Italy] (Mondadori, 2001), Star bene con l’olio d’oliva [Being healthy with olive oil] (Tecniche Nuove, 2003), Olio. Puro succo d’oliva [Oil. Pure olive juice] (Tecniche Nuove, 2005), A tavola e in cucina con le olive [At the table and in the kitchen with olives] (Tecniche Nuove, 2007), Friggere bene [Deep-frying with confidence] (with Giuseppe Capano, Tecniche Nuove, 2009), Olio di lago [Lake oil] (Mondadori, 2010), Olio: crudo e cotto [Oil: raw and cooked] (with Giuseppe Capano, Tecniche Nuove, 2012), Libero Olio in libero Stato [Free Oil in a free State] (Zona Franca, 2013, Olio Officina, 2018) and Atlante degli oli italiani [Atlas of Italian oils] (Mondadori, 2015). He has also published a novel, L’olio della conversione [The oil of conversion] (Besa, 2005 and 2006), and has been working for years with prestigious Italian and foreign publications. He directs the quarterly, bilingual Italian/English hard copy edition of OOF International Magazine, the yearbook Olio Officina Almanacco and the electronic news magazines Olio Officina Magazine and, in English, Olio Officina Globe.