SIMEI 2022 - II° World Forum held by women in the wine sector

Second world forum held by women in the wine sector

It was in Milan during SIMEI 2019 that the first world network for women in the wine sector, women who produce, sell, taste, promote and study wine, was set up.
The Italian Association Le Donne del Vino, chaired by Donatella Cinelli Colombini, thus laid the foundations for an alliance among women capable of increasing opportunities and internationalisation through sharing, sharing experiences, contacts, training and communication. 

The common thread for all the association’s events was 2022 is "WOMEN, WINE, FUTURE". Hence, in the spirit of exchange, the representatives of the most important associations worldwide have brought their voice to SIMEI and discussed the future of winemaking led by women. From equal opportunities to training, from innovation to climate change, women in wine look to the future with courage, determination and enthusiasm to enable the new generations to cultivate a better future.

Women in wine from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, New Zealand, Peru and the United States have all been taking part.