More and more recycled PET (rPET) and paper for Coca-Cola

This summer Coca-Cola will introduce a new 13.2 oz Recycled Pet (rPet) bottle to the US market for the packaging of some of its leading products. The launch was announced in a statement, and a pilot distribution is already underway in California, New York and Texas in the 20 oz format. It is estimated that the introduction of these new packages could lead the company to a 20% decrease in the use of new plastic material compared to 2018. In addition to this novelty - we read in Beverage Daily - the beverage multinational is carrying out a market test, namely the introduction on the market in Hungary of a batch of 2000 bottles of AdeZ, a plant-based drink available in different flavors and without added sugars, packaged in the paper bottle resulting from the Paper bottle company project which Coca Cola joined together with other beverage multinationals.