A bottle? Yes, but of stacked single-dose glasses

A new packaging system made by an American packaging company targets the younger consumers, lovers of fine wine, who are asking for practicality and convenience.
A postmodern variation of the traditional saying "fine wine comes in small packages" could be used to promote this packaging solution created by the American company with the aim of offering quality wine in single doses. 
It consists of glasses made of PET BPA Free (without Bisphenol, a substance considered harmful today), which are stackable and easy to carry; the same quantity of wine held in a typical 750 cl bottle is contained in four glasses. 

The company focuses on the levers of practicality (no need for additional glasses or a corkscrew, the possibility to consume the product even in informal situations outside the home, during events or concerts) and the willingness of a part of young American consumers to drink less but spend more for the purchase of wine, if it is quality wine. The pack of 4 stackable glasses costs on average one dollar more than a normal bottle, but the format can easily be promoted. 
As the company’s head of sales & marketing said to BeverageDaily, Stacktec has a partnership with Constellation Brand to package wines of known brands such as Woodbridge e Simi in this way, to be sold retail in large retail outlets.