RISAMORE, the Italian chain of restaurants specialised in preparing rice dishes according to old traditional recipes will play the leading role in the real “made in Italy” hospitality at SIMEI@drinktec.
RISAMORE is the first Italian Risotteria chain concentrating on rice. Risamore aims not only to raise awareness and appreciation of this versatile product “rice”, but also to spread its culture as a healthy, nutritious and tasty food, which ensured it a front-row seat at Expo Milano 2015.
Impress your guests: no alteration, no preservatives or other additives, Nano Vialone rice is subjected to a special treatment before being finished in just 2 minutes and 45 seconds. A special process that reinterprets a traditional dish, one that is renewed regularly with new recipes, sauces and combinations, keeping the taste and quality alive.

For the catering service at your stand, trust the Risamore chefs and their team. To book, please complete the form on line.