Heroic viticulture: an heritage to protect and to make grow


Difficulty, effort, courage and value. The soul of the heroic viticulture lives inside these borders, symbol of that difficult relationship man-Nature, made of delicate balances but able to offer big rewards and satisfactions. A viticulture that in the past was identified only with the environment of the mountain and that later has included the small islands as well, that have the same difficulties in cultivation and has found a fusion in the word “heroic”.

CERVIM, the Centre for the Research, Study, Safeguarding, Coordination and Development of Mountain Viticulture, is an international body established with the specific task of promoting and safeguarding heroic viticulture.
For this purpose, the Technical-Scientific Committee has defined the criteria identifying the viticulture represented:
• vines planted on slopes greater than 30%;
• altitude above 500 metres above sea level;
• vine systems on terraces and large steps;
• viticulture on small islands.